The “Kona Coffee Belt”

Currently there are only about 3,000 acres in the “Kona Coffee Belt” producing a coffee crop. The limited supply makes it a very in-demand commodity, and for good reason! Additionally, coffee plants produce one crop a year, allowing only a select few people the opportunity to enjoy 100% Kona coffee.

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Real Kona Coffee Beans ready for roastingBecause of our mountainous and rocky location, and the fact that the coffee ‘cherry’ does not ripen all at the same time, we cannot mechanically harvest our trees. Since we must inspect each bean as we hand-pick them, you are assured a perfect cup of coffee, which was harvested when ripe, and not a combination of immature or overripe beans found in most other coffee. Kona Coffee is 100% Arabica. It is far superior in taste and quality to the cheaper Robusta variety that is found in most all commercial coffees.

The “Kona Coffee Belt” has the perfect climate for coffee growing

Coffee requires a very specific combination of sun, soil, and water. It is successfully grown in only a limited number of locations around the world. The cycle of bright sunny mornings, humid rainy afternoons, and mild nights creates the perfect growing condition for exotic plants to flourish. The trees thrive on the volcanic rocky land, with mild frost-free temperatures.

“Wet-method” processing and sun-drying insure a certified gourmet product

Coffee cherry is pulped to remove the outer flesh, carefully fermented, which gives the coffee its characteristic bright, clear flavor, and thoroughly washed in clean water. Most coffee is then naturally dried in the Hawaiian sun on large decks (hoshidanas), and raked regularly to promote even drying. Like fine vintage wine, 100% Real Kona coffee is distinguished from other commercial coffees by the tremendous extra care taken throughout every step of the process.

Pure Coffee

The end result is a pure coffee that carries the unique stamp of the Kona region – delicate yet flavorful and with a rich aroma – a product that is famous among coffee drinking societies. This excellent quality has made Kona coffee one of the most highly valued coffees in the world.