Real Kona Coffee

The “Kona Coffee Belt”  on the Big Island of Hawaii has possibly the finest coffee growing conditions in the world. Just the right amount of sunshine, rain, and deep rich volcanic soil makes Real Kona Coffee taste unique, delicious, and smooth, no matter how strong it is brewed.

Our farm sits on the side of Hualalai Volcano at a prime growing elevation. Our beans are hand picked, sun dried, and roasted in small batches. We are a small “farm to cup” operation where we are hands on in all stages of growing and processing.


What is “Estate” coffee?

An estate coffee is grown on one farm and picked, dried, milled and roasted separately, never combined with product from another location.  This gives us the perfect way to control the quality and flavor of our unique Kona coffees.

Natural Coffee

Our farm receive constant care and attention to ensure healthy plants that will produce the highest quality coffee. We take pride in our sustainable green farming practices and efficient processing techniques which allow us to provide our customers with the best possible product.

Premium Products

The ideal elevations and tropical climate of our farms produce coffee that we are proud to call “Real Kona Coffee.”  Arabica coffee was introduced to the Big Island of Hawaii from Central America in the late 1800’s.  The plant evolved into a unique coffee variety known as Kona typica which experts recognize as some of the world’s finest coffee.  With farm direct shipping the coffee will be as fresh as possible.


Why people choose Real Kona Coffee


Peaberry Beans

The average number of peaberry beans in one pound of our coffee. Some retailers have promoted this bean and made it very expensive. Since peaberries occur naturally in the coffee crop, we leave it in there to enhance every cup you brew.


Largest Cup Ever Brewed

The largest cup of coffee ever was brewed in July 2014 in South Korea. The largest cup of coffee ever was brewed in July 2014 in South Korea. It was over 3,700 gallons. The largest iced coffee was brewed in Las Vegas in 2010, and was 1,500 gallons-ice not included.


Kona Coffee

This is the percentage of Kona Coffee in every bag of our coffee. It comes from our small farms and you should always get 100% Kona!


Pounds of Coffee

The average coffee drinker will consume 26 pounds of coffee every year. Why not make it the best coffee you can buy? Because such delicious coffee is grown here in Kona, you should make your annual coffee pounds count!

Why do we say 100% Real?

To set us apart from other brands that claim they are “Kona Coffee” but are actually blends containing other cheap coffees.

Hawaii-Grown Coffee Law

This law aims to protect Hawaiian coffees from being misrepresented in blends. It mandates that if a Hawaiian coffee is used in a blend and the coffee is named on the package (i.e. “Kona coffee”), then the package must represent the coffee accurately. The blend must contain a minimum of 10% (by weight) of the origin named, the label must clearly state the percentage, and the size of the font on the label must adhere to specific guidelines. For complete details and a full written description of the law, please read HRS Chapter 486-120.6.


Real Kona Coffee Beans