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The “Kona Coffee Belt”  on the Big Island of Hawaii has possibly the finest coffee growing conditions in the world. Just the right amount of sunshine, rain, and deep rich volcanic soil makes Real Kona Coffee taste unique, delicious, and smooth, no matter how strong it is brewed. Read More

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100% Real Kona Coffee

Real Kona coffee from the Mauka Farm, Kona Hawaii.

8 oz $20.00
1 lb $40.00

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Here’s what our customers have to say:

This 100% Kona Coffee is truly the real deal!

Having visited the family owned and operated Mauka Estate in person I had a first-hand opportunity to watch the Real Kona Coffee process from start to finish, even participating in hand picking some myself! I can personally attest that only the best and reddest ripest coffee “cherries” are harvested. This 100% Kona Coffee is truly the real deal and worth the investment in yourself. If you want to enjoy the smoothest and richest aromatic coffee found anywhere on the planet then Real Kona Coffee is for you!

Barbara Jean Wood
Security Specialist, Prudhoe Bay AK and Tacoma WA

Absolutely the best…

Real Kona Coffee is simply the best
John Lackey

New Standard for High Quality

“These beans set the new standard for high quality coffee. Even among Kona brews, this one is tops!”

Dr. Aaron Kelly
University of Minnesota

This coffee is the most delicious coffee I have ever had!!!

This coffee is the most delicious coffee I have ever had!!! There is no trace of bitterness, and honestly, I never thought coffee could taste this good. It’s like a homegrown peach; once you’ve had it, nothing else comes close! Wow it’s good.

Ed Kilduff
Senior Geophysicist and Geologist

The coffees from these unique farms are real Smooth, real rich and really delicious!

“I’ve had the privilege of sampling some of the best coffees grown, harvested and roasted from this beautiful place. It’s true: the coffees from these unique farms are Real Smooth, Real Rich and Really Delicious!”

Author and Illustrator of the Morgan McAllister” Series of books

Happy Real Kona Coffee Customer
Charline Norton
Ojai CA